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Port Hedland

Things to Do

Port Hedland is one of the world’s largest and busiest working harbours, filled with grand, austere ships that transport hundreds of millions of tonnes of cargo each year to distant places, tracing new and old trading routes through the seas. Operations on this scale are often on a city’s outskirts, invisible as well as inaccessible. But in Port Hedland, the coming and going of ships from dusk to dawn are part of daily life and that is one of the unique qualities of this remote town on the northwest coast of Australia. In Port Hedland, anyone coming to the centre of town has a ringside seat for some of the greatest industrial drama in the Pilbara.

The community is bustling and friendly and there are plenty of things to do. Drop in to the centre, call or email for more information.

Header image and Coastal Experiences image by Simon Phelps